Bankruptcy Law


In these difficult times, circumstances beyond your control may lead you to consider  bankruptcy as a solution for your financial problems. If you qualify, bankruptcy may provide you with a “fresh start.” With more than two decades of experience representing debtors, I will evaluate your situation to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option. If so, I will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Reported Cases:

In re Ziluck, 139 BR 44 (SD Fla. 1992)

In re Ziluck, 127 BR 285 (Bankr. SD Fla. 1991)

In re Martinez, 107 BR 378 (Bankr. SD Fla. 1989)


You take pride in your business and provide high quality goods or services to your customers. You expect to be compensated in a timely manner. Imagine your surprise when you find out that your customer, who still owes you money, has declared bankruptcy. What happens next? Can you collect? Will you be paid? I can help answer these questions and take action to protect your rights in the bankruptcy proceeding.