IRS. Possibly no three letters inspire as much fear and stress as these. In the event you are contacted by the Internal Revenue Service there are some important steps you need to take right from the start.

→ First and foremost, do not panic.

Determine if it is really the IRS contacting you. The IRS will not call you, e-mail you or text you. Their initial communication will come by mail through the US Post Office.

→ Do not speak to the IRS on your own. They are not your friend and anything you say can hurt your case.

→ Seek legal help. You have the right to hire a lawyer who can represent you before the IRS. The attorney needs to be qualified to handle your case from the audit to Tax Court and collection.


The hiring of a lawyer can be a difficult and confusing task. The decision should not be taken lightly and should not rely on advertisements alone.

In the event the Internal Revenue Service should contact you, attorney Magda Abdo-Gomez can assist you in relieving the stress and anxiety caused by dealing with this powerful government agency.
Magda Abdo-Gomez has more than 30 years of experience working as a tax lawyer representing taxpayers before the IRS. She is a former senior attorney for the IRS, and is familiar with the tax law, the IRS system and procedures. She has represented taxpayers throughout the United States in audits, collection, appeals and trials before the US Tax Court. She knows how to navigate the IRS system to provide taxpayers with solutions to their tax problems. She handles all types of IRS tax issues on behalf of individual and business taxpayers. Some of the more common tax problems she handles include:

An audit is the examination by the IRS of a tax return filed by the taxpayer. If not handled properly and timely, the audit of the tax return may result in the assessment of additional taxes and penalties against the taxpayer. The audit can also result in the referral of the tax return to the criminal tax division for a tax evasion investigation.


An administrative appeal can sometimes be used to appeal actions taken by the IRS. An appeal can be a more cost-effective method of dealing with the IRS than going to the US Tax Court.


In certain circumstances, a bankruptcy can be used as a tool against the IRS and the collection of income taxes. A bankruptcy may also result in the discharge of some income taxes.

Business and Employment Taxes:

A business taxpayer faces tax issues not applicable to individual taxpayers. The success of the business should not be jeopardized by failure to comply with the tax laws.


The IRS is empowered to collect taxes and penalties and has powerful tools in its arsenal to do so. If not properly addressed, the taxes can spiral out of control due to penalties and interest.

Penalty Abatement:

The law provides for the imposition of numerous penalties by the IRS. In certain cases it is possible to appeal and obtain an abatement of the penalty.

Tax Refund:

There are strict time deadlines for obtaining a refund from the IRS. Failure to act within the time prescribed by law may result in the loss of the tax refund.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Appeals:

The IRS takes employment taxes very seriously. The law allows the IRS to pursue not only the employer, but also other parties who may be held responsible for unpaid employment taxes. There are appeal rights which may be lost if action is not timely taken.

Unfiled Tax Returns:

Failure to file a tax return can lead to the loss of a refund, the imposition of additional taxes and penalties and possibly a referral to the criminal tax division.

US Tax Court Litigation:

A taxpayer can appeal to the US Tax Court to contest some actions of the IRS. The most common are when the IRS seeks an assessment of additional taxes and penalties as the result of an audit and when the IRS seeks to file a lien against the taxpayer or levy a taxpayer’s assets.

Magda Abdo-Gomez can represent taxpayers in South Florida from her office in Miami. She can also represent taxpayers wherever they are located and has represented clients throughout the United States and Florida. Call attorney Magda Abdo-Gomez at 305-559-7478 or contact her online to see how she can help resolve your IRS tax problems.