IRS Registry for Stimulus Payment Available

The IRS has just launched the web tool to allow those who are not required to file tax returns to register so that they can get the stimulus payment. Generally, these are low income taxpayers, and not recipients of social security or railroad benefit. The tool is only available at and users need to look for “Non-filers: Enter Payment Info Here”. This will take the user directly to the registration tool.

The IRS has announced that automatic distribution of payments will begin next week to those who filed 2019 or 2018 returns. Distribution payments to social security retirement or disability recipients, and railroad retirement benefit recipients is expected to begin soon.

Using the Registration Tool

A user will have to provide his/her name, address, social security number and information about dependents. The IRS will then confirm eligibility and calculate and send the stimulus payment. If the user enters banking information, the payment will be directly deposited, otherwise a check will be mailed.

Veterans and SSI recipients

The IRS is exploring ways to automatically distribute the stimulus payment to veterans who did not file returns and are receiving veteran disability, pension or survivor benefits. These individuals can either use the new registration tool, or wait to see if the IRS develops an automatic payment option.

Status of Stimulus Payment

Additionally, the IRS is developing a second tool, the “Get My Payment” tool. This tool will allow taxpayers to check the status of their stimulus check much like the way taxpayers can check the status of their refund. The tool is expected to be available by April 17. This tool will let taxpayers know the date their payment is scheduled to be deposited in the bank or mailed to them. The tool will also allow a taxpayer to input bank information so that the check can be directly deposited. If the payment has already been scheduled for delivery by check, this feature will not be available.

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